We provide flexible medical systems

FINDEX Inc. is a medical system manufacturer to develop, research and sale professionally. General Medical System Solutions of FINDEX can be used effectively in various situations in the medical scene.

About Us

FINDEX Inc. is a medical system manufacturer to develop, research and sale plofessionally.

FINDEX Inc. provides the systems that can be all managed images and documents of all departments to large scale hospitals including primarily university hospitals on the concept of "integrated data management". Our systems are possible to improve operation of the large-scale medical institution and medical institution management efficiently. Our systems have a lot of installed results in large-scale hospitals in Japan. Moreover, our systems have the share of 73.8% in the National University Hospital in large hospitals in Japan.

Especially, our systems can perfectly control medical treatment in Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology that have a lot of self-service tests, and we get high evaluations from our users.

In addition, EHR of our system is available to connect each medical institution and use on the center of the hospital and clinic cooperation as "regional collaboration solutions".

We develop the application of smart phone, and our application of personal drug prescription has already been used in Japanese local governments.

We are looking for partners of our product all over the world because we would like to spread our systems to a lot of people widely outside Japan.

FINDEX Inc. continues to provide "systems that go one step ahead always" to medical institution in every regions.




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