Message on Sustainability from the CEO

Engaging in business/social contribution activities towards the healthy and sustainable society

Based on the management philosophy of “Enriching Society with Technologies and Creation,” FINDEX Inc. has developed numerous software and technologies as an R&D-oriented company.

Various issues affecting the realization of a sustainable society, such as extreme weather events, economic disparity, and human rights concerns, are occurring worldwide. We believe that each corporation has an increasing responsibility and role to play in addressing these challenges.

As part of the revised mid-term business plan "Vision for 2025," which we disclosed in 2023, we have set forth "Addressing Key Sustainability Challenges" as one of its guiding principles. In line with this policy, we actively support and implement the recommendations of TCFD, address healthcare disparities, contribute to the improvement of people's well-being, enhance our corporate governance practices, and promote diversity and inclusion.

The origin of our company lies in craftsmanship. We have developed and marketed numerous products, not only medical software but also solutions for the public sector, as well as the Gaze Analyzing Perimeter, by exploring new ideas and technologies. Through our craftsmanship, we aim to create products that are needed in the world and provide convenient services that everyone can enjoy. Each of us shares the same vision and works towards it daily.

Continuing to implement these ideas, we will contribute to building a society in which every individual can lead a rich and healthy life both materially and emotionally. We also strongly believe that continuously being a company demanded by society will enhance our corporate value.

Moving forward, we will continue to concentrate our management resources, promote research and development, and invest in human capital to fulfill our responsibility to society as a company dedicated to safeguarding the mental and physical health of people.

President and CEO

Teruo Aibara