Basic Management Policy

In order to realize Findex's corporate philosophy of "enriching society through the creation of valuable technologies," we believe it is essential to accurately grasp the needs and seeds of the medical community, and to quickly develop and provide innovative products and services addressing those needs.

Pursuit of new ideas and technologies

We are keen to conduct R&D with the latest trends in the fields of medicine, law, and information technology, in order to steadily provide solutions to the medical and public sector industries. By paying attention to what is required in the ever-changing medical industry and continuing to search for "what is needed" and "new ideas and technologies that do not yet exist", we strive to mark our presence as the one and only company.

R&D driven by the passion towards creation

We believe that "not outsourcing development tasks outside" and "doing our utmost to develop our own products" are the foundation of our development philosophy, as well as the ability to accumulate technology and respond promptly to changes in front-line conditions. Close communication among the employees are always ensured, to share the joy of creation. It comes before anything when our solutions are appreciated by the market, realizing our contributions to the medical communities.

Going beyond customers' expectations

In our sales activities, our first priority is to provide user-oriented solutions to our customers that always exceed their expectations. We also believe our products and services are eligible to be recognized as sustainable solutions. We aim to further extend our network of trusted sales partners, acquiring more customers continuously.