Sustainable Management Policy

The Company has established a "Sustainability Committee" to promote its efforts to solve social and corporate sustainability issues, including consideration of global environmental issues such as climate change, respect for human rights, and fair and appropriate business activities for all stakeholders including employees, as business opportunities.
The Committee consists of the Representative Director, the Department Manager of the Administration Department, and an Executive Officer as its members. The Committee has established a forum to review, formulate, and evaluate measures twice a year to confirm the current status of climate-related issues and to discuss and take measures to resolve these issues.
The Sustainability Committee discusses and finalizes the reported climate-related risks and response policies, which are then reflected in the business activities of each department through the Sustainability Team and monitors the status of the responses. Under these systems, the Company proactively disclose information on the status of its efforts to address climate change, its most important theme, to its stakeholders, and manage them through the environmental management system and other mechanisms while making continuous improvements.