November. 15, 2022

Announcing the Release of a New Feature
"MIEr for Claio"

FINDEX Inc. announced today that it has introduced a new feature "MIEr for Claio", which links its flagship product "Claio" to "MIEr", an Image Sharpening Technology marketed to the medical industry by Senju Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

With the technology of MIEr, the original image data imported into Claio from medical equipment can instantly be sharpened with a single click, dramatically improving the quality of examination images with no additional calculations behind.

These images can be utilized not only to support doctors for evaluation of symptoms, but also to let doctors give patients more detailed informed consent, that would eventually lead to the improved quality of medical care.

■ Screenshot from MIEr for Claio (Image)

■ "Claio"

Claio is the flagship product of FINDEX Inc, an integrated system for medical image management, which has been installed to variety of medical institutions from university hospitals to local clinics throughout Japan.

■ "MIEr"

MIEr is an advanced image sharpening technology developed by Logic and Design Inc.