March 22, 2023

Announcing the joint development of AAdE-Report, an electronic tracing report service to digitally connect hospitals and pharmacies with patient information

Kyoto University Hospital and Findex Inc. have jointly developed " AAdE-Report (Adherence and adverse drug event report)", with a support from MEDICEO CORPORATION. AAde-Report is a cloud-based service that links tracing reports between hospitals and their neighboring pharmacies, and started its operation on March 13, 2023.

The Role of ABC-Report Diagram of the contribution to efficient healthcare coordination

The Role of ABC-Report Diagram of the contribution to efficient healthcare coordination

A tracing report is a document providing information that the pharmacist has interviewed from the patient for the doctor to use in his or her next prescription. It contains information that is deemed "non-urgent, but needs to be communicated to the prescribing doctor. It is also called a Medication Information Form (Fukuyaku Joho Teikyosho). The same was introduced in earnest to pharmacies throughout the county in April 2016 following the revision of medical fees regulations, enabling centralized follow-up with patients regarding medication. It continues to play a major role to this day as a means of promoting information sharing between hospitals and pharmacies. On the other hand, communication between hospitals and pharmacies is still mainly done by facsimile or by phone calls, and online communication between prescribing doctors and pharmacists has been very challenging.

AAdE-Report is a service that allows hospitals and pharmacies to electronically manage the tracing reports at each facility, which they have had difficulties processing paper-based reports. This service is running in the Tokyo region of Google Cloud. By utilizing this service, information about the patient, such as changes in physical condition and medication status, can be shared online, allowing doctors to make efficient use of this information during the next and subsequent consultations. Such efforts will lead to greater cooperation between hospitals and pharmacies, and contribute to the establishment of safe and reliable medical communities.

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In 2022, the Japanese government published its target for healthcare digitalization "Medical DX Reiwa Vision 2030" and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to take the lead in promoting digitalization in healthcare sector, which is conspicuously lagging behind other industries. In response, various initiatives with providers, such as online eligibility verification and the use of electronic prescriptions, are gaining momentum.
AAdE-Report is planned to be digitally connected with another product from Findex Inc. “Medical Avenue”, a communication application for hospitals and patients by the end of FY2023.
To promote efficient information sharing among hospitals, pharmacies and patients, Kyoto University Hospital, Findex Inc. and Mediceo Corporation will also work in accordance with public projects related to the operation of electronic prescriptions, which began in January 2023, with the aim of offering user-oriented operations at hospitals and pharmacies.