June 28, 2023

Perimeter "GAP" to be presented as
"FIELDNavigator" under Rexxam's OEM brand
at 10th World Glaucoma Congress® in Italy

Findex Inc. announced today that its one of the exclusive distributors ,Rexxam Co., Ltd. (Rexxam), will present "FIELDNavigator" – OEM product of our perimeter “GAP” under Rexxam's brand – at "10th World Glaucoma Congress®, which will take place at La Nuvola Convention Center in Rome, Italy from 28th June to 1 July 2023.

The World Glaucoma Congress® is the world's largest glaucoma conference where ophthalmologists and glaucoma specialists from various countries gather to present, exhibit, and exchange ideas on the latest medical devices and new technologies.

Since its launch onto the domestic market in 2021, GAP has been utilized in hospitals, clinics, and health checkup centers in Japan. This product is compliant with the latest European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and since completing the issuance of the Declaration of Conformity in 2022, the device has actively been promoted in the exhibitions and conferences worldwide.

By participating in this congress, we believe the healthcare professionals from various countries will gain a broad understanding of the benefits of using our innovative and unique visual field test by experiencing the test firsthand. As we approach the full-scale sales in the European region, we will engage in collaborative pre-sales promotion activities with medical device dealers in each country. Promotions targeting doctors and medical device dealers in countries where we have plans for regulatory approval and future sales will also be conducted.

Domestic Sales

Product nameGaze Analyzing Perimeter GAP HMD
Registration Number38B2X10003000002

Sales in Europe

Product nameEye-Tracking Perimeter FIELDNavigatorCE

Exhibition details

Title10th World Glaucoma Congress®
Dates28 June – 1 July 2023
VenueLa Nuvola Convention Center in Rome, Italy