November. 20, 2023

The Number of Users for Our Image Management Software “Claio” Passes 1,500

Findex Inc. announced today that the number of users for our image management software Claio has passed 1,500.

Claio is a management solution equipped with features to efficiently integrate and manage various images and data within the hospital, enabling valuable utilization. Since its release in October 2003, the product has been adopted by numerous medical institutions across the country, particularly large-scale hospitals, supporting the streamlining of medical workflows for over 20 years.

Number of Claio Users

In the past, medical examination images and associated data were stored separately for each examination device, making it challenging to have a system that could share images across departments, with the patient at the center. Recognizing the inefficiency of the management methods at the time as a challenge faced by healthcare institutions, we developed Claio to address this issue. With Claio, not only can examination images be viewed across departments, but data can also be written, making a significant contribution to the realization of secondary use of information and informed consent. By using this product, healthcare professionals can provide patients with clear explanations using examination images and have the flexibility to store information freely. Recognized as a groundbreaking solution that changes the way examination images are managed and enables a patient-centered approach, Claio has been installed in over 1,500 facilities as of October 31, 2023, catering to users ranging widely from large-scale hospitals dealing with complex data management, to local clinics.

We have been contributing to the improvement of healthcare quality through the provision of various solutions and services aimed at enhancing clinical efficiency, including Claio, which has now become a staple in intra-hospital information management. Additionally, we are actively promoting product development envisioning the formation of healthcare communities in each region, as seen in the launch of the brand PiCls for cloud-based solutions, that digitally connect large-scale medical institutions, pharmacies, and patients. We are also focusing on consulting services aimed at redefining the management of medical information. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to provide value in the healthcare sector, striving for better healthcare and a more livable society.

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