Corporate Governance

Fundamental Principles of Corporate Governance

The Company defines corporate governance as a management function to maximize corporate value for stakeholders and recognizes that strengthening corporate governance is one of the most important management responsibilities.
In order to deal appropriately and flexibly with changes in the economic and market environment, we will enhance the functions of the Board of Directors, monitor and supervise business execution, and further improve internal controls.
We will also strive to strengthen corporate governance to ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of information to stakeholders, and to respect the rights of shareholders.

Corporate Governance System

The Board of Directors consists of eight directors and meets twice a month in principle. The Board of Directors confirms the progress of sales activities and budgets, examines performance forecasts and takes necessary measures, and actively discusses important management matters to invigorate the Company and ensure mutual checks and balances.
Findex has its own Audit Committee, and the Audit Committee consists of one internal director and two external directors.

The following chart shows the relationships among the respective organizations.

Corporate governance report

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