Sustainability Initiatives

We have expressed our support for
the My Declaration of Human Rights project !

At FINDEX, we support the idea of the My Declaration of Human Rights project, which is being driven by the Ministry of Justice, and have announced our My Declaration of Human Rights.

My Declaration of Human Rights is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice, which aspires to build a society in which human rights are universally respected. The project encourages companies, organizations, and individuals to declare that they will act to respect human rights.

FINDEX Inc. : My Declaration of Human Rights

At FINDEX, we have incorporated respect for human rights in our Employee Code of Conduct. This includes a stipulation on respecting basic human rights and the diverse values of individuals, as well as their personalities and privacy. Each of our employees engages in their daily work with an understanding of the stipulation.

We view the declaration as an opportunity to further deepen our understanding of respect for human rights, with the aim of helping to build a sustainable society.

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Relevance of FINDEX's My Declaration of Human Rights to the SDGs/ESG

We aim to improve healthcare access in order to enhance the well-being of people, bridging the health disparities gap.

We strive to foster a corporate culture that respects human rights and values diverse thinking, contributing to realize a fair and just society without any discrimination or intolerance.